Hyundai Is Working On A Battery That Will Rival That Of A Tesla, Second-Gen Fuel Cell Under Development

Hyundai Motors Company has been reported to be working on a new type of fuel cell that would give its consumers longer range for travel that would outlast even the more expensive brands of vehicles. The new fuel cell would be integrated in the upcoming model of the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell that is set to hit production in 2018. Hyundai claims that the new fuel cell would be 30 percent better than the current version of the fuel cell sports utility vehicle.

The Second Generation Fuel Cell Would Be Better Than Its Predecessor

The current version of the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell can reach up to 426 kilometers in a single full tank while the sports utility vehicle that is currently in development will offer a range that can reach up to 560 kilometers. Hyundai might be doing upgrades or minor changes to its current Hyundai Tucson platform in order for the new fuel cell technology to perform at its optimum. A new dedicated platform could be made for the new fuel cell instead of using its current vehicle platform and design.

Longer Travel Range Than Toyota And Tesla

Hyundai's second-generation fuel cell is reportedly going to be better than other manufacturers fuel cell range. The Toyota Mirai could be the closest comparison to the Tucson Fuel Cell. The Mirai has a recorded range of only 500 kilometers, which is lower to the Tucson's 560-kilometer range. The famous Tesla Model X has the same 500-kilometer range as the Toyota Mirai, however, it is still possible for Elon Musk to have his developers improve the range of the Model X before January of 2018.

Cheapest Among The Competition

Aside from a better range, the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell is priced cheaper than the other two comparisons. The Toyota Mirai has a starting price of $57,000 dollars and the Tesla Model X starts at $80,000 dollars. Currently, the Hyundai Fuel Cell has an American currency conversion of $50,000 dollars that can still go lower after subsidiaries provided by the United States government.

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