Wireless Airpod-Style Coming For Samsung S8 And S8 Plus, Is Samsung Imitating Apple?

By Anj C , Jan 02, 2017 05:47 PM EST

One of tech Giants, Samsung, is looking to unveil a wireless headset alongside its next upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy S8. In addition, it'still unclear whether the earbuds will be sold separately, like the IconX brand or AirPods, or whether instead they will be bundled in the box with the highly-anticipated flagship smartphone. The IconX headphones are also fitness trackers with built-in storage for music.That's all about we know about these wireless earbuds right now, and they don't even have a name yet.

What To Expect From Samsung's Wireless Earphones

Meanwhile, Samsung recently bought an audio company, Harman, so we may see some of that attained technology and expertise show in the new wireless gadget.The Galaxy S8 is expected to come without a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack just like the iPhone 7 and other Android handsets, which only means Samsung wants customers to use either USB-C headphones or the wireless ones. The wireless earphones, which comes with 4GB of internals storage for around 1,000 music tracks, are more on fitness goal than rival Apple's take on the future headphones.

Samsung Could Mirror Apple's AirPods

Apple AirPods lets users access voice assistant Siri, thanks to the inclusion of beam-forming directional microphones.Also, AirPod users can dictate messages, request songs, make phone calls, ask for directions, and more. Samsung could imitate this functionality as well as include its own very own features with its rumored wireless earphones.

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook hailed the AirPods and stated as a runaway success.
Moreover, we can add wireless earbuds to the list of features we expect to see from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. A list that already includes a 4K screen will come equipped with a whopping 8 GB RAM, 30 MP for the rear and 9 MP for the front camera. An iris scanner and maybe a curved screen. The phone is expected to release anywhere between February and April.


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