Seffner Sinkhole Emerges: Third In Florida This Month

A new sinkhole has opened in Seffner, Fla., the same town where a sinkhole previously swallowed a local resident. It was discovered by a young girl who spotted the hole while standing by an ice cream truck with friends.

The sinkhole opened between two homes, whose residents have since been evacuated. The hole, which opened at around 7 p.m. March 23, was about 10 feet deep and 8 feet across.

"Sinkholes are an increasingly deadly risk in Florida, due primarily to the region's geology," states. "The state is largely underlain by porous limestone, which can hold immense amounts of water in underground aquifiers. As groundwater slowly flows through the limestone, it forms a landscape called karst, known for features like caves, springs and sinkholes."

The sinkhole is the third to be discovered in Florida this month. The first, which took place on March 3, was 30 feet wide and 60 feet deep and swallowed Florida resident Jeff Bush while he was sleeping. The incident gained international attention. According to the Bush family, they were preparing to go to bed at the time that a loud crash was heard. Following the incident, Bush's home was bulldozed.

It is unlikely that those evacuated from the Seffner homes will be able to return to their homes. Many have left their homes to stay at local hotels as a result of the incident, claiming that the event was simply "too close for comfort." While some are stating that they want to have their homes inspected, others feel that the comparatively small size of the sinkhole is not a cause for concern.

No one has been injured by the recent sinkhole and local residents are keeping an eye on the area in case further holes emerge. It is believed, however, that the new sinkhole is not related to the others that have occurred in Florida over the course of the month.

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