Creating Tractor Beam Makes Science Fiction To Reality

Science fiction has, at times, anticipated what would become reality later on. One of those that have been so far in the realm of science fiction is tractor beams. Now, creating a tractor beam makes science fiction into reality.

The tractor beam has been in a number of sci-fi films. "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" have featured tractor beams in some way. Building one might soon be a reality, and it won't be too expensive as well.

A team from the University of Bristol has developed a tractor beam. The tractor beam that has been developed can pull objects towards it. Unlike the tractor beam in sci-fi films though, the tractor beam that has been developed uses sound waves.

Asier Marzo has been one of the members of the team that has developed the tractor beam. In order to build the tractor beam, all that is needed is 3D printed parts along with Arduino components. Overall the parts needed aren't as expensive for such a project. The team has also created a video that would guide those who might want to make the tractor beam.

Sound waves have long been known to levitate and move objects, according to the Daily Mail. However, this would be the first time that sound waves are used to pull objects. Objects and even insects can be pulled by the tractor beam.

Dr. Marzo has said that it is easy to push objects away, but pulling them would be much harder. He also said that the tractor beam can levitate small plastics. The tractor beam can be useful in pulling objects towards the source.

Three different designs have been made by the team, as CNet reports. The tractor beam so far can only levitate and pull small objects. The team would be working on a model that can overcome this limitation.

Science fiction has inspired many inventions. Now it has inspired a new one, as creating a tractor beam makes science fiction into reality. NASA has also confirmed a comet sighting for 2017.

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