Alien Evidences: Religious Paintings Purportedly Concealing E.T. Appearances

By Mandy Adams , Jan 05, 2017 12:30 PM EST

Alien evidences are among the most debated topic in science communities. Evidences of E.T. life forms continually appear in different places around the world. Famous religious paintings were purportedly evidences that aliens visited the Earth.

Alien Evidences In Religious Paintings

Religious paintings have been under much scrutiny after conspiracy theorists linked them to aliens and UFOs. Since these works were made before air travel was invented, proponents believe that the work was inspired by alien sightings.

Among the most controversial works is Carlo Crivelli's "Annunciation with Saint Emidius." The scene depicted a light shining on Mary after Angel Gabriel's declared Jesus' conception. A cloud which was supposed to be a cloud of angels looked a lot like an alien spacecraft.

Another religious artwork, "Saint Wolfgang and the Devil" by Michael Pacher, is linked to an alien sighting. In the Austrian painter's work, the Bishop of Regensburg was depicted as Saint Wolfgang. The depiction of the devil looked a lot like an alien. However, this theory can be debunked by the fact that the depictions of the devil varied greatly.

The 17th century painting "Glorification of the Eucharist" did not escape alien connection. Ventura Salimbeni's painting has a sphere between God and Jesus. This circular object is a lot like the Sputnik satellite that Russia launched in 1957.

Ancient Markings And Aliens

Aside from paintings, conspiracy theorists also suggest that alien markings could be linked to alien life. Among the most popular alien evidences according to conspiracy theorists are the Nazca lines. Based on the report by the Daily Mail, these markings are believed to be the work of the ancient Nazca civilization.

Aside from the Nazca lines, there are also carvings in the Peruvian desert that could indicate alien existence. A carving on a Peruvian hill traced back to the 6th century has a figure that appears to be an alien.

While it would be interesting to link aliens to paintings and ancient finds, all of these remain to be theories. According to The Sun, art experts believe that paintings are not proof of extraterrestrial life. Most historians agree that the suspected alien evidences are just the sun, the moon, or it could be an angel in the painting.

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