Pokémon Sun and Moon Theory: Is Komala A Log?

By K.C , Jan 06, 2017 04:00 AM EST

The Pokémon universe is full of fan theories that virtually sprout anywhere in the game. Some may seem weird at first but for the most part the claims are interestingly backed with compelling evidence that somehow hold true to some extent. And today, we have another crazy theory at hand - and that is, the Komala that we've all been catching - even bred for shiny is actually the log the Pokémon is clinging to. Here's the full theory of Komala:

Pokémon Sun and Moon theory: Komala the Log

Some fans are convinced that the log that changes in color upon being a shiny is actually the real Pokémon. Crazy isn't it? But before you think that it's just one of those worthless baloneys, here's the evidence to the claim.

As we stated earlier, these theories just sprung out of nowhere and for the most part, came as a result of the wild and creative imagination of the fans. But the weird aspect of these theories is the evidence that backed up their claim. And according to the Komala the Log theory, one of the reasons why the Pokémon doesn't suffer from any status effect is due to the fact that it is simply a normal log.

Still isn't convinced yet? Well, here's another evidence that would support to the Log theory. Way back in December, we've covered the leaks that dataminers have unraveled from the system's database. One of the leaked features is the Pokémon walking animation.

Now here's the interesting part. Komala caused a stir after the Pokémon was seen calmly sleeping as it clings on the log whilst still moving. Based on the CGI below, you can see the somehow, it appears that the log is the one moving around and not the actual bear.

Lastly, only the log changes in color after being a shiny. Does this mean that Komala could be, in actuality, the log all along? Share your opinions in the comments down below!

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