Razer Comes Up With Three-Screened Laptop Concept Dubbed Project Valerie

Razer is planning to set the tech world on fire with the "world's first triple display laptop".

The relatively new tech company revealed two new products at the ongoing CES 2017 - Project Valerie and Project Ariana.

Project Valerie

In the concept video, it was shown that the three-screened laptop would utilize an automated deployment system unveiling the three displays. At the latter end of the teaser video, it was shown how it would be like to play a game of Titan Fall 2 on three screens with "immersive 12K surround view gaming" and a pixel resolution of 11526 x 2160.

Razer described Project Valerie as a "revolutionary laptop [that] gives you easy access to three eye-popping 4K displays". Aside from these impressive gaming features, the best part of Project Valerie is it is portable. The three 17.3 inch screens fold on top of each other to become a single screen notebook which can easily be handled.

Project Valerie also packs a punch with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU and NVIDIA Surround View. Razer representatives at the trade show did not give more details about Project Valerie, however.

Project Ariana

According to Tech Crunch, Razer actually unveiled two new products. Aside from Project Valerie, the billion-dollar startup also has Project Ariana. Both Projects Valerie and Ariana may work together to provide avid gamers with the ultimate gaming experience. While Valerie provides 12K surround gaming, Ariana allows the user to enjoy an even more impressive array of lights, colors and better sound.

The in-room projector was created using some of the company's acquisitions aside from its own innovations. In fact, Ariana integrates THX sound technology, which it purchased last year, and its own Chroma lighting technology. Chroma lighting is the same tech that provides the futuristic lighting on the keyboards of Razer laptops and other devices.

Ariana, however, is still a "concept design" while Valerie will be available in the latter part of the year.

Razer is known for developing some of the best laptops for gaming.

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