New Windows 10 Update: Microsoft's Upcoming Refresh Leaked

By Adie Pie , Jan 06, 2017 02:26 AM EST

Microsoft is reportedly working on a few changes for Windows 10, which will specifically alter the user interface. However, it will not be a severe overhaul to the entire operating system or current design language. Instead, it is considered by several publications as a minor update that simply builds on the existing user interface.

MS Power User has gained access to screenshots of what these changes might look like. Dubbed Project NEON, the alteration will include animations to the OS. Moreover, the publication notes that it will remain simple and consistent across all possible pages, systems, and applications.

Project NEON will come with another feature, called Acrylic. According to the publication, his will appear as a blur in the background, sidebar and the navigation app - technically called Side-Nav Acrylic, Background Acrylic and In-App Acrylic respectively. Microsoft showcased a demo of the same, were the Side-Nav Acrylic changes depending on what the current app is currently covering.

The animations may come as a surprise and concern for some users, as animations tend to slow down regular use. But the publication confirms that with Project NEON, the animations run smoothly and do not at all feel forced. However, things may change until Microsoft starts to roll out the actual update.

At this point, most features are just in the planning or concept stages, so there is definite room for changes and improvements. On the other hand, it is also possible that things will not work out as smoothly as planned on the big stage. Nevertheless, Microsoft is expected to answer all questions and doubts soon.

According to The Verge, it is likely that Microsoft will provide these specific details at its Build Developers Conference in May. That would be about a month after the Redmond-based tech giant is expected to release the Windows 10 Creators Update for existing users. Later on in the year, another notable update will be revealed, which will feature new design elements and support for ARM chipsets.

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