Dell Unleashes An All-In-One Computer With Ten Speakers And A 27-Inch Canvas Display At CES 2017

By Edge Ison , Jan 06, 2017 02:59 AM EST

Dell joins the CES 2017 brouhaha with a couple of new impressive devices.

XPS 27

The XPS 27 is an all-in-one computer with arguably the best audio setup around. It has ten integrated speakers, four of which are full-range drivers. Two of the speakers are tweeters for those high notes while another two are passive radiators that take care of the deep bass sounds. The last two are down-firing speakers.

The 17-inch XPS 27 comes with a 3,840 x 2,160 display with support for Adobe RGB colorspace. There are two available variants. One has touch configurations while the other is non-touch. The latter also comes with either the 6th gen Intel Core i7-6700 or the i5-6400 processor. Other features include 32GB of RAM with option for up to 1TB SSD or 2TB of HDD storage.

According to Engadget, The XPS 27 is already available in stores for the price of $1,499 and up.

Canvas 27

As the name implies, Dell's new specialized display acts like a canvas for artists. It also measures 27 inches.

The Canvas 27 sports a 27-inch QHD IPS panel with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. It supports Adobe RGB color which is a great ad useful feature if the user is in the creative field.

Since it was designed with artists in mind, the Canvas 27 has a "horizontal 'do' surface that is just the right angle (ranging from 1.5 to 10 degrees) for writing, drawing or creating any design or art. If the angles are not sufficient, the user can purchase another stand which lifts the Canvas 27 up to 85 degrees.

It also utilizes a digital pen to make writing and drawing easier. Dell also understands that designing is sometimes a team effort which is why it made the giant display capable of supporting 20-point touch. This means more than one user can draw or write on the screen simultaneously.

PC World also notes that the new Dell device is made of Gorilla Glass and has anti-glare features further benefiting artists and designers or anyone who likes to lean on their work.

The display works on any computer provided it has Windows 10 in it so those still using Windows Vista or Windows 7 may finally want to upgrade if they want to use Dell's new device.

The Canvas 27 is similar to the Microsoft Surface and HP Sprout Pro work. As a matter of fact, Dell even has a small device that looks and works like the Surface Dial.

The Canvas 27 will sell for $1,799 and will be available starting on March 30 this year.

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