Honda Shows Off Self-Balancing Motorcycle At CES 2017

Falling off a motorcycle may no longer be something riders have to fear in the future with Honda's latest invention. Honda is currently showing off its self-balancing motorcycle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 and it is one that is certainly attracting a lot of attention. Apparently, the motorcycle does not even require a kick stand anymore.

Honda's Way Of Reducing Motorcycle Accident Occurrences

According to a report from CNET, statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) state that motorcycles have 27 times more chances of getting into fatal accidents as compared to cars. Accordingly, this is due to motorcycles having less safety features than cars. With Honda's invention however, riders will have more stability and will be able to stay upright as the motorcycle has the capability of balancing itself.

Honda's Self Balancing Motorcycle Demonstration

Honda's self-balancing motorcycle was recently shown off at the CES 2017 as reported by Road and Track. It was stated that the system works in a simple way. Riders simply have to engage the system and it will disconnect the handlebars from the front forks after it lengthens and increases the wheelbase and fork angle of the bike respectively. Some steering inputs will then be used by the system to allow it to stand even without making use of a kick stand.

The demonstration also showed Honda's self-balancing motorcycle being activated and following its rider from one room to another. Honda's Spokesperson. Sage Marie. mentioned that a rider can even pull over and get off at a restaurant's curbside and simply walk in as the bike goes to park itself.

Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle: A Welcome Innovation

Reports state that there are no announcements yet as to when this will be put into production. Given how convenient this will make things in the future however, it will certainly be a welcome innovation for many of riders all over the world.

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