Dwayne Johnson Wants Terry Crews To Voice Doomfist In Overwatch

A lot of buzz has been surrounding actor Terry Crews after he was rumored to bplay a new playable character called Doomfist on Overwatch, but now the Old Spice endorser has been getting support from an unlikely source: Actor/Pro-wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The Rock on Doomfist

Crews had been posting about the Overwatch gig online and whether fans wanted him to voice a character, and Johnson, being a longtime friend of Crews, has decided to show his support for his fellow bodybuilder. Johnson posts on Twitter, "[100] Co-sign. Known TC for years and this man's voice even has bad assery muscles... Fans would luv it. #Doomfist."

Fans, of course, have loved the post and have already been pelting The Rock with multiple questions. The Blizzard account has even commented on the post asking which character Johnson mains in Overwatch (No answer, sadly). Multiple fans have guessed that Johnson mains Reinhardt or Zarya, but people have also identified Johnson's positive attitude and charisma with Lucio. Then again, maybe The Rock just wanted to show some support for his friend Crews.

Who is Doomfist, and why Terry Crews?

Rumors have popped of Crews voicing the character of Doomfist ever since it was reported that he made a visit to Blizzard's Overwatch headquarters. There has been no confirmation as to what the visit was actually about, but with a lot of fans backing Crews on getting the role, it may only be a matter of time till Blizzard confirms it.

Doomfist himself is a mystery character, and the backstory goes that the title of Doomfist is actually passed down to whoever wields his power gauntlet - the one which was used in the Overwatch Cinematic trailer. The character has been described as "Powerful enough to level a skyscraper."

No official announcement on Doomfist has been made, but Blizzard is sure to update fans as soon as they can. In the meantime, fans who want Crews on the role should just continue showing their support on social media.

Overwatch available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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