HTC Vive Tracker Enables Objects To Be Your VR Controller

By stphntapulao , Jan 06, 2017 05:10 PM EST

HTC Vive has been in a great battle in proving its worth against the Oculus Rift. Sources told that during the CES 2017, HTC gave out hints as to what could go next on their device. And it surprised everyone to see that the all-new Vive is using real-world objects as part of the VR gaming.

Vive Trackers Lets Real Objects Form Part Of The VR World, Here's How It Works

According to Tech Times, the device is termed as the Vive Tracker, which is described as a mini object that could be clipped on anything, may it be small or big. The Vive Tracker features all tracking points that should be present in a controller.

In the recent CES 2017, HTC showed objects that could be used as a tracker once the device is attached, including bat toys and analog toys. Also, it could be third-party controllers for devices such as Vive VR camera. However, there has been a slight reminder for everyone who would want to use the upcoming HTC gadget.

Reviews told that the tracker could potentially harm people once attached to dangerous objects such as knives, bats and guns. This could even go worse as VR games feature fight against zombies or terrorists.

HTC Partners With Intel In Producing Wireless Vive

On the other hand, it seems like HTC would be partnering with tech company Intel to produce a wireless Vive real soon. Speculations told that both HTC and Intel is working on a technology termed as WiGiG, that would support seamless connection with the HTC Vive.

As of today, the HTC Vive is available at a price of $800. Although, consumers would need to add an extra amount to ensure better hardware that would fully work with VR system's technical requirement. On the side note, HTC Vive 2 is still not yet announced by the company despite rumors and speculations telling that it is ready to be released real soon.

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