Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Specs Typo Admitted, Won't Run At 60fps

By Pierre Dumont , Mar 29, 2013 07:41 AM EDT

Qualcomm stated in a previous blog post that the Samsung Galaxy S4 rear camera would capture 1080p video at 60fps, and many thought the statement was an error.

It turns out that those people were right, as Qualcomm has admitted to Phone Arena that the information was in fact incorrect. The person who wrote the blog post meant to write 30fps, but wrote 60fps instead. It's too bad, because he really got us excited. No smartphone in history has ever launched a camera with the capacity to record FHD at that frame rate.

Seeing a smartphone capable of recording 60fps video in 1080p surely would have been a treat. Of course, if the camera really was arriving, then Samsung probably would have been promoting it more.

Surely someday Samsung will offer a phone with 1080p video at 60 fps, but we'll just have to wait. Currently the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera records 1080p video at 30fps.

On Wednesday a benchmark for the Exynos 5 Octa version of the Galaxy S4 became available through SamMobile, who indicated that they were "blown away" by the results. They claimed the device dominated other 2013 smartphones like the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. The phone scored a 27417 on An Tu Tu and a 12726 on Quadrant.

This followed an earlier benchmark for the Snapdragon version of the S4 made available through Primate Labs. Primate Labs came to their attention using Geekbench, the results of which indicated that the S4 is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 5. The Geekbench score was 3100.

"It's clear that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be the fastest smartphone available when it is released in April," Primate Labs stated.

Well, at least the power will be good. For now we're trusting that the S4's other specs aren't typos as well.

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