Junk Food Laws Benefit The Rich More

Junk food has been seen as detrimental for children. Laws have been made to limit junk food availability to them. However, junk food laws are said to benefit the rich more.

State laws in California have generally limited junk food availability for students there. Obesity rate has slowed and even stopped in some places when laws against junk food for children have been made. Further reductions could be seen as federal laws have been passed which limits the availability of junk food in schools.

The study has covered the period from 2001 to 2010. Although the study has noted that rose slightly, the signs have so far been positive. In the Los Angeles Unified School District, school officials have seen an overall improvement in children's health. Principal Stephen Bluestein of Beachy Avenue Elementary has noted that better health and nutrition education has made a difference in his school.

While the signs have largely been positive, children from lower income communities are still being targeted by advertising companies. Parents in those communities aren't too much into nutrition education, as observed by Elizabeth Velten. She is the state and national policy director for the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Another factor why lower income community kids face obesity is because of the cost of healthy food. Junk food is largely much cheaper than healthier alternatives. Velten has noted that healthier food is also much more expensive.

Another factor that could be considered is that children from the more affluent communities can have more food choices, as the Gryphon Gazette reports. With more food choices comes food that has more nutrients in them as opposed to those that have a much limited choice in food. This has made parents from lower income communities to buy food that are more affordable, which often would also be the unhealthy choice.

Junk food can lead to obesity, especially if they are not taken excessively. Junk food laws benefit the rich more because of the cost of healthy food. A study has shown that a Mediterranean cuisine can help the brain.

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