Aliens On Mars: UFO Hunters Spot Sculptures, Gold Inscription And More

UFO hunters are back with new proofs of aliens on Mars. Observing photos from NASA Mars rover alien enthusiasts pointed out bizarre structures which looked like ancient sculpture, bones, and golden letter -- adding to previous evidences that there might be an alien civilization on Mars billions of years ago. They also found other face-like structures and even an image which looked similar to Jesus Christ.

There have long been speculations of aliens on Mars. Previous reports from UFO hunters include sighting of spoon, other structures and even a human-like alien in Mars snapshots from NASA. Meanwhile, astrologists found sedimentary rocks and clay, proving there was large presence of liquid water in Mars long time ago.

New reports of evidences of alien life on Mars pointed out statues hidden between some rocks. Alien enthusiast Scott C. Waring said the they resemble some ancient sculptures on Earth. "I found this statue of a person similar to some ancient sculptures on Earth long ago. The statue also has a second one near it," Waring said via UFO Sightings Daily on Saturday, Jan. 7.

The alien hunters also found gold-colored letter inscription. Something which looked very much like a bone from the limbs of an extraterrestrial creature and a few face-like structures. But the most controversial among the discoveries is what alien hunters described as a "Jesus-like" face carved in Martian rock.

Waring added that the rock carving looked similar to the famed Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth with the image of the Christian messiah which some people believed was Jesus' burial shroud. He added that it was an evidence left by an ancient alien race on Mars.

Meanwhile, NASA scientists said that these so-called evidences of aliens on Mars are only products of an over-active imagination, cited Inquisitr. They added that alien hunters only see what they only wanted to see, which clouds their observations.


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