What To Expect From OneNote App User Interface In The Future

By Andy Franco , Jan 08, 2017 07:38 PM EST

Microsoft has been working hard to provide a new user experience for the digital notebook, OneNote for the past months. OneNote's new UI is designed to be more accessible and consistent among platforms with the OneNote team looking at ways to further improve the app's aesthetics.

The digital note-taking app for desktop has been under development around 13 years since 2003. It has evolved around the needs of its users. However, while users find the Win32 version powerful, many users, especially new ones, have found it difficult to use. This is according to a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the team from Microsoft OneNote.

OneNote's current goal is to bring in the "most valuable features from the classic OneNote app while delivering a more simple and pleasant user experience for users overall" to the OneNote UWP app.

Microsoft is ready to provide updates for users according to a Twitter post by OneNote Product Manager Lead, William Devereux. He posts: "We've got a ton of great features headed your way in the next update for OneNote on Windows 10!" He also tweeted that many of the new features are actually the top requests from the community. Plus points to Microsoft for engagement!

From what we can see in the app, the new features include a refreshed user interface. Users can now hide page previews in the Notebook view. This means that only the content from the active page will be on the screen. OneNote will now also let you hide those embarrassing red spelling error lines. Tablet users might be delighted with its improved usability. You can easily hide the navigation sidebar and get a view of the notes and inking section at full screen. You can also enable full-screen drawings thru a toggle trigger that is much easier to locate.

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