Samsung Gear S3, S2, And Fit2 Are Now Compatible with Apple´s iPhones

By Luis Fran , Jan 08, 2017 07:14 PM EST

Samsung Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2 can now be paired with iOS devices since the South Korean giant announced yesterday the expansion of the compatibility, which would definitely excel its Gear series quality and popularity, given the fact that it can now be used with Apple iPhones 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and iPhone SE.

The Samsung Gear App Is Now Available on Apple Store

According to the International Business Times, users can easily download the Samsung Gear S app for the mentioned series on their compatible iOS devices. In fact, these apps are now available on the Apple Store which is something that the fans of Samsung and the Cupertino company will definitely enjoy this year.

Although no one expected that this could actually happen, the beginning of 2017 has been definitely framed by the way in which both giants and ferocious rivals have been playing nice together, with actions that have been defined as some kind of business camaraderie between Samsung and Apple.

A Win-Win Situation For Samsung Gear Smartwatches And Apple´s iPhones

While some days ago the Cupertino giant announced the opening of its first retail store in its rival´s ground of South Korean, now the Samsung Gear series would be compatible with Apple´s iPhones, which is a win-win situation for both companies who hasn't been characterized for joining forces in business in which both giants compete against each other.

As reported by Slash Gear, this is a move that will set a turning point for the South Korean company, considering that this will be the first time that the Samsung Gear series could be compatible with a non-Android phone. Naturally, these smartwatches won´t have the same integrations with the Apple´s iPhones as they easily would with any kind of Samsung device. Nevertheless, the basic features as the synchronization with S Health for fitness tracking, or the notifications display from the mobile device.

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