Heavy Snow Accross Europe Cuase Dozens Of Death

By Ayin Badz , Jan 09, 2017 03:30 AM EST

In recent days, the heavy snow across Europe has caused more than a dozen of deaths. It also caused major disruption to power, water supplies and transport networks.

The temperature was as low as -26C (-15F) causing ice to form in the Adriatic sea, the Danube and many smaller rivers, lakes and ponds.

There were eight deaths reported in Italy connected to the extreme cold. The authorities said there are two more in Poland on Saturday. Resulting the nation's death toll from winter weather to 55 since the beginning of November.

The dead in Italy included a man living in a basement of an abandoned building in Milan and the other is on a street flanking Florence's Arno river. They were among at least half a dozen weather-related deaths of homeless people in the country.

The heavy snow in Europe also resulted in cancelled trains, rerouted flights, delayed ferries and closed roads in Italy. Classes are also suspended due to the high meter of snow that piled up. While, in Rome the fountains in St Peter's Square froze overnight.

In Bulgaria police reported three people, a man from Iraq and a Somali woman, had died from cold in the mountains near Turkey as they tried to make their way into Europe.

Hundreds of migrants sleeping rough in parks and makeshift shelters were assisted by aid workers in Serbia. River traffic on the Denube was banned by the authorities due to the current conditions.

The heavy snow across Europe caused Istanbul, and Turkish Airlines grounded more than 650 flights in and out of the city's two airports. There was also a notable transport disruption in Romania and Bulgaria.

However, in Russia people braved the conditions, about 500 cyclists went on a five-mile ride along the Moscow river on Sunday.

The heavy snow across Europe is expected to start on the north and spread southward.

According to the The Guardians, Steven Keates from the Met Office said, on Thursday, the showers spread further south and east, putting most places at risk of showers. It is going to turn much chillier, particularly through Thursday and Friday. Some areas could see snow, and some pretty significant snow.

According to the BBC News, At least 10 people died of cold in Poland. Night temperatures in Russia plunged to minus 30C.

In northern Europe, where residents are accustomed to heavy snow across Europe occurs every year, Danish police warned about icy and slippery roads after dozens of minor traffic accidents.

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