China Fights Smog By The Help Of Environmental Police Force

By Ayin Badz , Jan 09, 2017 03:31 AM EST

China fights smog by creating a new environmental police force. This police force will on open-air barbecues, garbage incineration and the burning of wood and other biomass.

Beijing officials take action regarding the city's problem on the heavy smog problem. A counter action by the acting mayor of Beijing, the political crackdown on burning fossil fuels comes amid a flurry of concern over the country's choking air pollution.

Official state media agency Xinhua reported that a meeting held Saturday, the mayor promised to take tougher measures to improve the air quality in the city's 16 districts by 2017.

This action was decided upon due to the recent smog condition in Beijing.

Because 24 cities are already on high alert regarding smog problems. This alert is the highest of the four-tiered pollution warning system used by mainland China.

China fights smog in red alert, meaning authorities take measures such as closing businesses, banning high polluting vehicles off the road and shutting down factories.

While China fights smog offenders, implementing it is still a challenge.

Considering that China's Ministry of Environmental Protection punished more than 500 Chinese companies and around 10,000 car-owners for alleged violations.

According to the CNN News, China has held accountable 2,682 officials for failing to enforce pollution counter actions. About $35 million worth of fines had been levied.

According to the US Embassy in Beijing air quality guide, Beijing's latest spell of smog lasted for a week. The condition of the smog labeled unhealthy, with air quality indexes reaching.

According to the ABC News, Beijing and dozens of cities in China spending many winter days under a thick, gray haze, caused chiefly by a surplus of older inefficient vehicles and thousands of coal-burning factories.

China fights smog to prevent further health related problems. However, the government is having hard time implementing the counter actions due to industrialized cities that need factories for production.

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