Lumia Isn't Dead After All: New Stocks Available For 950 XL, 640 XL And More

News have already spread a few months ago that the Lumia series is already headed towards extinction. However, just recently, this rumor has been proven wrong. Apparently, a number of Lumia smartphones have been restocked in the US.

Lumia Handsets Back In The Market

According to an ONMSFT post, all Lumia smartphones except the 950 from AT&T were thought to have already sold out from the Microsoft Store last week, and it was assumed that these phones will no longer be restocked. However, just recently, it appears that more Lumia devices have come back to the US market and this includes the relatively older model that's the Lumia 640 XL.

Lumia Smartphones Available In The US

The Lumia 640 XL in white and unlocked variant is given a $50 discount, making it carry a price tag of $149. The AT&T Lumia 950, on the other hand, is also sold in white variant and is priced at around $300. If you want the unlocked Lumia 950 in a black housing, it is available for $399. Additionally, if you want the black Lumia 950 XL in the unlocked version, it is currently being sold for $499. Other Lumia phones are sold by external retailers and this includes the Lumia 550 and the Lumia 650 that are both found on Amazon and priced less than $110.

So far, these are the availability status of some of Lumia's smartphones in the US. For the UK market, it's worth noting that the Lumia brand is still out of stock in the country's Microsoft Store. However, Tesco is said to still be selling some models of the said Windows Phones. Needless to say, this gets to prove that the Lumia cancellation rumor is still not as implemented as some people thought it would be.

Lumia Smartphones In The UK

It was said that the Lumia 650, 950 XL and 550 are all still available from Tesco, with the Lumia 650 being the only model that is sold by Tesco directly. The other models are from the retailer's approved partners. The Lumia 650 is priced at £90 which is £25 less than the regular price while the Lumia 550 is priced at around £96. The flagship phone Lumia 950 XL is priced £405 for the black variant and £410 for the white variant. It's still worth noting though that this list and prices may change as stocks of the said Lumia handsets are reduced.

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