Will Pokémon Sun And Moon Be The Last 3DS Generation?

By K.C , Jan 09, 2017 04:40 AM EST

There are numerous rumors about Nintendo moving the entirety of its games on their newest console, the Switch. With the frequent instability on Pokémon Sun and Moon with the current 3DS, does this mean that Generation VII will be the last of its kind to be playable on the classic handheld device?

Pokémon Sun and Moon: The Last Generation for 3DS

A growing thread on Reddit shows how fans are already preparing to ditch out their 3DS for the upcoming installment on the Pokémon franchise. The reason behind this is for the fact that the game is barely playable on 3DS especially when they use double battle feature.

Further comments confirmed the current issues that plaguing the 3DS and even with the device's latest version, the 3DS XL, it still struggles to prevent the FPS from dropping significantly which is why we, alongside the community, are thinking that Sun and Moon might be the last Pokémon Generation that will be available on 3DS. Here are the reasons why Nintendo will no longer release the game's future iteration on the classic hand-held device.


One of the main reasons why the 3DS is no longer viable platform for future iteration of the Pokémon franchise is simply because of its insufficient capability to cater the needs of the game. Future installments would entail better graphics and effects which consequently necessitates for better hardware. The sad truth is that, the 3DS can no longer hold up the system requirements for future installments which makes the Switch an obvious candidate for the upcoming Pokémon Stars.


It's safe to say that the Switch has created a global ripple following its official trailer way back in October. Despite the emergence of the alleged specs (leaks) on the Switch which made it seemed inferior in comparison to the PS4 Pro and the upcoming Project Scorpio, it definitely didn't stop the hype train that's building on the upcoming hybrid console device. Furthermore, it would cater a lot more audience than the 3DS which would pose a lot of marketing value for the future installments of the Pokémon franchise.


It's safe to say that fans would want new features to come for the game and the Switch can definitely cater a myriad of possibilities just as that. One idea in particular, is that the game (hand-held version) would work like the traditional game boy device but when the Switch is docked, you can have the Pokémon Refresh feature on your TV screen. The only downside is that, you'll surely miss the dual screen option.

Bottom line is, the upcoming device will surely outclass the classic 3DS especially specs wise. But as a human being, it's definitely hard to let go of something that's been a part of you since your childhood. Started from Game Boy (1989) up to 3DS, the game would definitely feel a lot differently with the upcoming console but we can all agree that it's for the best.

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