Nokia 2017: Is The Giant Cellphone Brand Ready For Its Comeback?

Nokia 2017: Is The Giant Cellphone Brand Ready For Its Comeback?
Nokia's comeback is in front of us all but the question that remains is whether or not the company is awaiting success or not. Photo : TechDroider / YouTube

During the latter part of 2016, we've been exposed to a number of Nokia related rumors. It was said that the company will once again come back to the smartphone market as it detaches itself from its non-competition agreement with Microsoft. To refresh your memory, Microsoft took over Nokia's Lumia brand a few years ago. This led to a non-competition agreement between the two that disabled Nokia from releasing its own smartphones until the said agreement expires. Nevertheless, the time has arrived for Nokia to regain its right to re-enter the smartphone market, and with that, multiple Nokia Android phones are expected to come in this 2017.

Nokia 2017 Android Smartphones

It has already been established a few weeks ago that there will be no less than four Nokia Androids coming in this year. This is quite reasonable as the company actually already released one Android at the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, what's not yet confirmed is whether or not Nokia will be releasing a flagship Android for all its international markets to enjoy.

HMD Global Taking Over The Nokia Label

Do take note that the Nokia brand is now being licensed to HMD Global. As per the company's welcome greeting on its website, HMD Global introduces itself as the home of Nokia phones. The Finnish company also shared that it will be entering the global smartphone market this 2017 and these next generation of Nokia will all be running Android.

New Nokia Smartphone Introduced

HMD Global secured the licensing rights for the Nokia brand in late 2016, and now, the company has proudly launched its first Nokia smartphone for 2017. The Nokia 6 has already been launched. According to Forbes, this phone consists of 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, and a microSD slot. It then has a 3000 mAh battery and a 16 MP rear camera. This 5.5-inch smartphone looks elegant with its simplicity, which is a pretty good change from the Nokia Lumia look that we've been used to. Nevertheless, this phone is only available in China.

Is Nokia Prepared For Its Comeback?

Right now, things are looking good for Nokia. It looks like the company is quite ready for its ultimate comeback to the smartphone market. It undeniably takes baby steps which is quite reassuring knowing that the risks are lower if the company does not aim for big time releases during its initial return. The fact that it launched a higher-midrange phone instead of a flagship one makes it clear that Nokia is taking things one step at a time. Also, the fact that its first release is only targeted towards the Chinese market means that the company has thought things through and might have wanted to re-establish their brand in a growing market instead of in saturated ones.

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