Pokemon GO Update: Niantic Just Teased The Launching Of Legendary Pokemon

By Alvin Elfwine , Jan 10, 2017 04:00 AM EST

One of the biggest reveals in Pokemon GO last year was the arrival of Gen 2 update. Unfortunately, it didn't sit well to most fans. For instance, it was promised to unleash a total of 100 more creatures; however, as of this writing, the only ones that arrived were the Baby Pokemon. But hey, it seems things are about to change, as Niantic reportedly teased an impending big update.

According to Birmingham Mail, the Pokemon GO developer is said to have sent out a new message to the players in-game. Apparently, the latter is teasing the arrival of what appears to be a huge update. In one way or another, this is possibly referring to the Legendary Pokemon.

The aforementioned message informs the Pokemon GO fans to look forward for "another update" from Niantic. This is to be expected in a few weeks. That players may even "get a special message" from the game's very own Professor Willow. Niantic suggests players to keep themselves "alert at all times" whenever they play the hit mobile game.

It's worth noting that in Pokemon GO, Professor Willow is known for giving trainers their first ever Pokeball. This happens every start of the game. Somehow, this could mean something significant. It could refer to the possibility of the character giving out or introducing more monsters.

It's also worth mentioning that the aforesaid may simply refer to the arrival of the Gen 2 Pokemon GO creatures. After all, this has long been confirmed. Niantic even promised for the arrival of these Pokemon in the next few months. If the studio plans to move forward with the Legendary species, players can expect for these to be introduced via events.

Another release window for the Pokemon GO Legendary creatures is via the Raiding System, as previously reported here at iTech Post. It's been speculated that the studio is keener to release these creatures in a way of real-time event. Here, players can be seen working hand-in-hand in hopes to catch the elusive species.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming arrival of Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon GO? What are your expectations? How do you think will Niantic introduce them? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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