Microsoft Says Will Keep Command Prompt In Windows

Previous speculations suggesting that Microsoft is preparing to kill off the Command Prompt in Windows in favor of PowerShell were proved to be wrong.

Windows Will Keep Command Prompt

According to Windows Report, Microsoft will keep the Command Prompt in the Creators Update scheduled to roll out in April. Senior program manager at Microsoft Rich Turner made this clear in a lengthy blog post that recognizes the vital part played by Cmd shell's in Windows.

Turner notes that millions of IT professionals, developers and businesses across the world still use the Command Prompt in Windows on a daily basis. He states that, in fact, much of the automated system that builds Windows itself is a collection of Cmd scripts created over many years.

Previous Reports Proved Wrong

There were several reports last month speculating that Microsoft is preparing to change the default command line in Windows 10 to PowerShell. The reports were also claiming that this would bring the end of the Command Prompt or cmd.exe in Windows. The reports spawned various reactions all over the web, including a thread on Reddit.

Various IT professionals protested to the idea of an impending end of the Command Prompt, explaining that they still need to use it. Now, it seems that the speculations were wrong. Microsoft was indeed planning to make the PowerShell as the default command line interface in the WIN-X menu, but without putting an end to the CMD. 

According to Network World, when Microsoft rolled up its Windows 10 Build 14791 in late November, Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider Program, made mention in her blog post of the fact that users can stick with Command Prompt if they wish. They can launch either the PowerShell or the Command Prompt by typing "powershell" or "cmd" in File Explorer's address bar.

Turner had to make it clear that Microsoft keeps the Command Prompt in Windows. While CMD isn't actually MS-DOS, it's still a very important part of the Windows operating system. For this reason, it is not going away, it just being less important than before.

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