Tesla Model 3: How Nikola Tesla Might React To It?

An innovator, Tesla was also called by some as a mad scientist and a great showman during his time. Some of these traits could also be attributed to the Tesla motor company. One of Nikola Tesla's lasting legacies was an attempt towards providing wireless electricity free for the whole world along, along with 278 patents composed of innovative ideas and concepts that are still being explored today.

He is considered one of the founders of modern electricity, so it's no wonder why Elon Musk and his team named the car company after Tesla.

Similarities with Tesla and Tesla motors

There are correlations between the great man and the car company such as Nikola Tesla sharing a lot of his patents with the world and Tesla motors now making all of their patents open source. This move by the company could be a nod to the great man in itself.

Just as Nikola Tesla was innovative, visionary, charismatic and often outspoken on many topics, you could almost say that Elon Musk, Tesla motors CEO, goes along the same lines. His views and comments on his motor company have gone a long way towards pushing the car name to the masses.

If Nikola Telsa was alive today

However, if Nikola was around today and needed a vehicle, would he opt for a Tesla vehicle, especially the upcoming Model 3? If the great man was alive today, he probably would already be working with a high position in Tesla motors.

But if not, he would more than likely have a vehicle by his namesake company, even if it was just the mere name association as it is hard to see the great man driving around in a Chevy Bolt instead, which just kind of not make sense.

Next step for EV's

Nikola would also eventually come around towards the idea of paying for electrical energy, as although he wanted to spread his ideas to the whole world, like in his day when his ideas had to be monetized. With all that being said, maybe this would be the ultimate next step for Electronic vehicles.

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