iPhone Turns 10: The Best And Worst iPhones Ever

By Edge Ison , Jan 10, 2017 02:30 AM EST

The iconic iPhone will turn 10 this year.

For the past ten years, Apple has released 15 different models under the iPhone line. Here are the best and worst of them.

Worst iPhones Ever

iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5 was impressive when it came out in 2012. But a year later, Apple decided to release a newer version which was nowhere along its predecessors alley. After telling itself that smaller is better when it comes to iPhones, Apple went on to add half an inch to make the 4-inch iPhone 5C. Aside from the awkward size, the 5C was encased in plastic which made it a cheap-looking iPhone. Plus, one needed to be a bit on the daring side to appreciate the new colors the phone came in. The 5C also had Lightning Connectors.

iPhone 3G/3GS

The 2009 iPhone was slow and had poor battery life. It replaced the popular aluminum body with a black plastic casing that could easily be scratched. The display was nowhere new. Apple followed this up with the iPhone 3GS which was faster (the "S" stands for "speed"), had a better camera, made better videos, had voice control, and introduced the world to the App Store. The reason why the 3GS is among the worst is that despite the new features and reasonable price, it paled in comparison to its immensely popular successor - the iPhone 4. Plus, it was still made of plastic.

Best iPhones Ever

iPhone 4

As mentioned, the iPhone was immensely popular and that could be attributed to one simple reason - it is the best iPhone ever. The iPhone 4 made the 3GS unnecessary even if it did had its good points. The iPhone 4's design is among the best ever seen on a smartphone and its sturdy aluminum and glass body only added to its beauty. It is the first Apple phone to use Retina display. It was also so successful that the company decided to prolong its status as its flagship smartphone.


The first deserved to be among the top of the list just by being the pioneer and a game changer in the phone industry. The original iPhone was the best phone during its time and few will argue that.

The anniversary iPhone - the iPhone 8 - is expected to be released in September this year but rumors have been circling since last year. Only time will tell if the new iPhone will be deserving of its hype.

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