Aliens On Mars: Eye Of Horus Found On Mars Surface

Alien hunters continue to strengthen their claims of aliens on Mars. UFO hunters found a carving similar to the eye of Horus. They also found sarcophagus-like tomb, similar to those of ancient Egypt as well as what looked like collapsed building and other structures on NASA photos of the surface of Mars.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol which represents protection royal power and good health. It is often found on funerary amulets or bracelets found on mummies intended to protect the pharaoh in the journey to afterlife. This triggered claims that the Martian civilization made contact with ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egypt has long been connected to aliens. Their remarkable feat in engineering such as building those perfect pyramids while a precise measuring system isn't even available and crafting perfect coffins from granite which is only possible using 21st century technology has long been a puzzle for experts. Theories are, the ancient Egyptians got help from an alien civilization with far more advanced technologies than human.   

Alien hunters believed this is a legitimate evidence of aliens on Mars. "Each line [in the Eye of Horus] has distinct meaning and purpose behind it. This is 100 percent evidence that intelligent life did once exist on the surface of Mars," alien hunter Scott C. Waring said according to Daily Express. Some also connected it to the theory that there was once an alien civilization on Mars which was wiped out due to nuclear war.

UFO Sightings Daily further gave some evidences, including another possible ancient Egyptian artifact. A sarcophagus-like image which was used as funeral receptacles in ancient Egypt and other old civilizations. They also found other structures which looked like buildings collapsed houses and cities and claims that NASA is keeping quiet about the Martian civilization.

NASA however, says there is no evidence of aliens on Mars or even the simplest form of life existing on the red planet. The timeline of the theory of the former Mars civilization, which was believed to exist millions of years ago also doesn't match with the timeline of the existence of ancient Egypt.

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