The Walking Dead: Season Finale Shocker Sparks Reactions [Massive Spoilers] (Video)

The Walking Dead season finale once again proves to us that no one is safe in AMC's apocalyptic zombie series. In a shocking move, one of the original characters was killed off, and it's baffling to many viewers.

It's not so much that viewers will miss the character "Andrea," played by actress Laurie Holden. One of the original characters, "Andrea" represented a beacon of hope when all seemed lost. Throughout the series, we saw her lose her sister and go through a state of depression, as she felt that she had nothing to live for.

During the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, there were moments when Andrea attempted to commit suicide, but eventually found something to live for. She eventually did a complete turnaround and her survival instincts kicked in. She became one of the bravest among the remaining survivors. By the time the first episode of Season 3 of The Walking Dead rolled around, Andrea proved that she could stand on her own two feet when she had to. It came as no surprise to see that she survived the attack on Hershel's farm in the Season 2 finale.

Andrea's death in Season 3 was unexpected, but some viewers are okay with her character being killed off. The Walking Dead Season finale became a trending topic on Twitter after Sunday night's show, with viewers reacting to Andrea's demise. ‏@Princess_Lexxie tweeted "Okay so I'm extremely happy that Andrea is dead. :D But I'm extremely sad that the season is over... D: #TheWalkingDead." Another viewer tweeted, "80% of walking dead watchers have no sympathy for Andrea #thewalkingdead."

If you're part of the remaining 20 percent, recollecting what her character's been through, you may forgive Andrea for being naïve during this latest season. When asked why her character was killed off on The Walking Dead, "Honestly, I feel like it's story-driven. It does propel the story forward," said Holden to TV Line. The Walking Dead will return in October for a fourth season.

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