Programmer Who Created Swift Is Leaving Apple

By Victor Thomson , Jan 10, 2017 11:32 PM EST

Chris Lattner, the developer of the Swift programming language, has announced that he is leaving Apple for Tesla.

Creator Of Swift Is Leaving Apple

According to Recode, Lattner has announced his decision in an email posted to a community forum. A post on Daring Fireball highlighted his post earlier Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Lattner said that he is preparing to leave Apple later this month and he was stepping aside as project lead for Swift. According to Lattner, Ted Kremenek will take over his duties at Apple. Meanwhile, Tesla announced on Tuesday, Jan. 10, that Lattner will join to lead its autopilot software efforts. At Tesla, Lattner will occupy the position of Vice President of Autopilot Software, according to company's statement.

Before working for Apple, Lattner created LLVM, a set of open-source programming tools. Since the year 2005, he has been at Apple. Most recently, Lattner has been a senior director managing company's developer tools organization.

According to Apple Insider, Lattner said that despite leaving Apple he will "remain an active member of the Swift Core Team." He also reassured that his departure from Apple shouldn't impact day-to-day operations of the Swift Core Team, and that he is convinced that Swift 4 is going to be a "really strong release" with Kremenek at the leadership of the developing team. It is expected that after primary 3.1 development concludes on Jan. 16, the team will be shifting its focus to Swift 4.

Apple's Swift Programming Language

Swift is a programming language designed mostly to simplify development for Apple platforms. The code is performing faster while addressing a number of common complaints. One of the advantages of Swift programming language is that it can also be used with Linux.

Swift was introduced by Apple back in 2014, as an all-new way to develop apps for company's devices. Later on, in 2015, Apple released the software into the open-source community.

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