Vaccine Skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Was Asked To Lead A Safety Study

By Ayin Badz , Jan 11, 2017 02:43 AM EST

Vaccine Skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told reporters after his meeting with United States elected President Donald Trump that the President asked him lead of research on vaccination safety and scientific integrity. Kennedy said that he agreed to lead research on the matter.However, Trump transition said there were no decisions made yet, on setting up a commission on autism.

Hope Hicks, Trump's spokeswoman said the elected president enjoyed his discussion with Vaccine Skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and appreciates his thought and ideas. The president-elect was just taking in consideration the possibility of forming a commission on Autism. She added, however, there are no decisions made at this time. And that the president-elect would like to continue his discussion about all aspects of Autism with many groups and individuals.

Kennedy also said that the President-elect has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it. He added that the opinion of president-elect doesn't matter, we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science. He also said that he and Trump is very pro-vaccine but they want to make sure that vaccines are safe to use. But, according to CNN, neither Trump nor Kenedy is articulate pro-vaccine, though.

In the 2016 campaign Trump raised fears about vaccines telling an audience at a CNN primary debate in 2015 that he is in favor of smaller doses over a longer period of time. He said it is for the reason that the usual dosage causes autism as a side effect. He added that autism has been an epidemic. And it's already got out of control. Tramp is in favor of vaccines he said. However, he believes it should be in smaller doses over a longer period of time.

Trump then told a story of a two year old girl he met who went to have a vaccine and a week later got a severe fever and now is autistic. He also tweeted exaggerated anti-vaccine information. In 2014, Kennedy wrote a book about mercury in vaccines. This cause the Congress to give parents exemptions from state requirements that mandate they vaccinate their children.

California Gov. Jerry Brown ended up signing the law, getting rid of personal and religious exemptions for vaccines. According to the BBC, Kennedy later apologized and said he struggled to find an expression to convey his thoughts. Vaccine Skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being asked to lead a research on safety study seems to be a misunderstanding and a contradicting matter as to their assumptions.

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