Subaru Reveals 2018 WRX And WRX STI At 2017 Detroit Auto Show

The 2017 Detroit Auto Show has already kicked-off and some of the most awaited debuts have been witnessed. The 2018 Subaru WRX and WRX STI's appearance are among those that have been anticipated greatly. Apparently, fans and enthusiasts have not been disappointed as the new models bring a couple of new things to the table.

2018 Subaru WRX And WRX STI: Minor Facelift

The 2018 Subaru WRX and WRX STI received a minor facelift. It was stated however, that most people would not see any difference from the previous model. Apparently, only real enthusiasts will be able to tell what changed in the 2018 model. Naturally, people would want to know what changed and the front section is where they should look where a new bigger grille and air intakes have been installed. In addition, the 2018 Subaru WRX and WRX STI have new LED adaptive headlights along with new wheels for the WRX Limited and STI model as reported.

2018 Subaru WRX And WRX STI: Same Power And Not Much Price Difference

While the 2018 Subaru WRX and WRX STI have both been redesigned, the power has not changed according to Motor Authority. It was stated that the 2018 Subaru WRX is still powered by a 2.0-liter flat-4 engine that delivers a decent 268 horsepower. The same thing is true with the 2018 Subaru WRX STI as it still draws power from a 2.5-liter flat-4 engine that cranks out 305 horsepower as reported.

2018 Subaru WRX and WRX STI: The Unseen Upgrades

Reports state that despite the minor upgrades in terms of looks and basically no change in the aspect of power, the 2018 Subaru WRX's driving performance have been upgraded. In addition to enhancements made with its six-speed manual transmission, the suspension system has also been refined and its electric power steering was revised. The 2018 Subaru WRX STI's suspension has also been tweaked along better brakes that have drilled rotors.

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