Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: More Than 96% Units Returned

After announcing the record in the fourth quarter of 2016 profits, the South Korean electronics company on January 11 announced over 96 percent of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been returned.

More Than 96% Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units Returned

As of January 8, all the four major US carriers have now released the software update, and all remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the stock will soon be better off as paperweights. According to ZDNet, that is up from the 93 percent in early December, when Samsung Electronics announced a software update would soon render all remaining the Galaxy Note 7 devices useless.

For a clear update, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still banned from all flights, but "due to the high degree of public awareness of the ban" as well as the high return percentage and software update, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) no longer feels that it is necessary to make any announcements as passengers board each and every flight.

Also, the Department of Transportation (DoT) removed the requirement for the air carriers to specifically notify all the passengers about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone immediately prior to boarding due to the high degree of public awareness of the said ban since the issuance of the emergency restriction or prohibition order.

The huge efforts by both the Samsung Electronics company and the U.S. wireless providers to make all Galaxy Note 7 users aware the phone is recalled and banned from any flights on U.S. The awareness of the ban are evidenced by the significant rate of recall returns.

DoT Requirements For Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The DoT issued an emergency prohibition order effective on October 14, 2016, designating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as forbidden on aircraft. The order had several requirements such as the following:

  • It prohibited the shipment of Note7 as air cargo, and prohibited airline passengers from carrying the Note7 on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage.
  • It also required that airlines notify passengers immediately before boarding that the Note7 was forbidden.

At CES 2017, Tim Baxter, the head of Samsung US, said that the company will be revealing the report regarding the Galaxy Note 7 and the issues it faced “very soon.” If you still happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, it is best for you to return it to Samsung before the company stops issuing the refunds.


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