Xbox 720 Controller Details, Rumors: Similar To 360, With Leak-Proof Zebra Stripes

By Jordan Mammo , Apr 02, 2013 02:29 PM EDT

A lot of rumors and leaks have circulated regarding Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 console (codenamed Durango), but one thing that has so far escaped the seemingly magnetic grip of the Internet has been the console's controller.

Strangely enough, it might be that the Xbox 720 controller needs the least protecting, if Kotaku's description is to be believed. The website's anonymous sources detailed the device, and anyone who's played an Xbox 360 will be familiar with what's described below.

According to Kotaku, the Xbox 720 controller is so similar to the 360's that it seems almost like a replica.

"Same two analog sticks in the same upper-left/lower-right position, same positioning of the d-pad and face buttons and forward and back buttons," wrote Stephen Totilo. "Triggers. Bumpers. Top-center power button.

"It all seems to be the same, though we can't tell if any of these buttons have been improved--if, say, the d-pad responds more crisply, if the triggers pull more deeply, and so on. The new controller, as we reported more than a year ago, is apparently a little smaller than the existing 360 one. It's still the same basic shape, perhaps with refined contours. It's more or less what people are used to."

What's more, the Xbox 720 controller prototype doesn't seem to have any new interface additions such asVagu a screen or touch pad.

Both the new controller and Kinect 2.0 were delivered to developers last month, and apparently Microsoft has plastered them with zebra stripes in an attempt to discourage anyone from leaking images to the press. It's not known whether every controller has the same design painted onto them, but so far no one has been willing to venture forth and find out.

If Microsoft decides to unveil the Xbox 720 in April, as rumors say it will, expect to see the new controller there along with Kinect 2.0. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait until June's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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