HTC Releases Sense Companion, AI-Enabled Assistant Competes With Alexa And Siri

AI-based voice assistant has been a very mainstream feature of a basic smartphone. Just like cameras, tech companies have been serious in producing an assistant that would not just be appealing but would be effective, efficient and functional as well. With this, HTC reveals its first AI-based voice assistant, the Sense Companion. Would the said assistant exceed everyone's expectations?

HTC Introduces Sense Companion, Would It Finally Defeat Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa?

According to International Business Times, HTC already rolled out Sense Companion, a device's greatest buddy. It is released after Pixel, Microsoft and Amazon revealed their brand's helper Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa respectively. Sources told that the Sense Companion would be tagged along the upcoming HTC phones - the U Play and the U Ultra.

The Sense Companion, making consumer's life easier, would let everyone command their phone through voice. It could also be used in opening applications, setting alarm clocks and notifying reminders without using user's bare hands.

HTC also set aside a secondary screen for the Sense Companion on the U Ultra. With this, the assistant would not be blocking the view on its primary screen, making everything flexible as users would want it to be. Any requests that you would want the Sense Companion to do would be shown on the secondary screen provided.

The company also ensured users that the device's helper would not greatly contribute in the battery life of the gadget. The Sense Companion would automatically turn into standby mode, making the gadget's secondary screen light up.

HTC Sense Companion Tracks Your Favorite Messages And Takes Care Of Your Unwanted SMS

Moreover, the Sense Companion would also form part in taking care of your messages. The AI-enabled voice assistant would keep track of the people that you are always interacting with while it does not prioritize those that the user's usually disregard. This would prevent your device from receiving flooded messages for people you don't want to talk to.

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