Prostate Cancer: Black Men Are More Than Twice As Likely To Die From It

Prostate cancer is more prevalent in black men, and as a matter of fact, one in four will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives, and one in 12 will die from the disease.  However, 86 percent remain oblivious to prostate cancer dangers.

Black Icons Encourage Black Men To Talk About Prostate Cancer

Stronger Knowing More is a new campaign aimed to raise awareness about prostate cancer, Telegraph reported.  Famous black celebrities like boxer David Haye, Olympian Linford Christie, Labour MP Chuka Umunna and poet Benjamin Zephaniah have joined forces to urge black men to talk about prostate cancer.

ITV News reported that billboards of the black icons will be unveiled across London and the West Midlands.  They were photographed in places "where they feel strong". 

Prostate Cancer Remains A Taboo Subject In The Black Community

It is not yet clear as to why black men face a higher risk of getting prostate cancer, but experts say it may be linked to genes.  Even though it is prevalent, prostate cancer remains a taboo subject in the black community.

Zephaniah said that in his community, prostate cancer has always been "a bit hush hush", because it affects the private areas.  "Instead of 'prostate cancer' it is often referred to as 'water problems'," he said.   However, over the last few years, he started to lose friends to the disease.  He added that he has found out about other friends who were affected by prostate cancer.

"We are now calling on black communities everywhere to bring up the conversation of their health and prostate cancer with their dads, brothers, uncles and friends," Tony Wong, Men at Risk Programme Manager at Prostate Cancer UK said.  "It's only by talking about the disease and acting on our risk that we're really going to be able to beat it for good," Wong added.

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