Donald Trump Finally Admits That The DNC Were Hacked By Russian Hackers

Although he repeatedly denied any kind of involvement from Russia to the hacks suffered by the DNC and Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta, president-.elect Donald Trump finally admitted that these untoward actions were made by Russian hackers. Nevertheless, he also suggested that cyber criminals from other countries could also have something to do with this operation.

Donald Trump´s Admission Could Have A Political Cost

In his first major press conference of the year, Trump referenced China as another possible player in the hack, pointing the 2014 breach of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as an event whose perpetrators were possibly Chinese hackers, and using it as a way that the American problems on the cyber security is not only be exploited by the Russians.

Despite his ambiguity on the issue, the fact that president-elect Donald Trump admitted what it was told several times by the U.S. intelligence agencies -which published a 25-page report in which it was explained the way in which Russian hackers aligned with the Kremlin stole information from the DNC and John Podesta´s email account- is an action that will definitely have a political cost, considering the way in which he delegitimize agencies as the FBI, NSA and even the CIA.

Increasing The Hacking Defense And Blaming the DNC Once Again

Nevertheless, Trump assured that his administration will release a major cybercrime report within the first 90 days, and reunite the best computer minds in the country in order to increase the "hacking defense" and prevent other major hacks. In fact, this was one of the main promises that the president-elect made during his campaign, saying that he U.S. needed to train the best hackers in the country in order to increase America´s power in this field.

Also, far from getting away from his aggressive style, Trump blamed the DNC because of the hacks, claiming that they made a poor job in its cyber security. I addition to this allegation, the president-elect explained that the RNC wasn't hacked because they had a better hacking defense.

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