2014 Camaro Z28: Specs, Features And Price [UPDATED]

By Dmitry Sheynin , Apr 02, 2013 04:54 PM EDT

Update - 4/3/2013 12:30 AM

A 2014 V-6 Camaro Z28 brochure has leaked. Still no price, but it indicates the engine will push 354 horsepower, about 30 more than the 2013 Camaro Z28 gets. One of the more surprising specs is an impressive 34 mpg highway.

Chevrolet unveiled the 2014 Z28 Camaro at the 2013 New York International Auto Show last week. It's unclear what the price tag will be on the first Camaro Z28 released by Chevy in over ten years, but the price of a V-8 Camaro SS starts at $31,635.

The Z28 has specs and features to rival a Corvette Z06 — no coincidence, it turns out: on Tuesday, Chevy said the 2014 Z28 Camaro features an LS7 V-8 engine based on a Corvette Z06.      

The car's price is still unknown, but the LS7 V-8 rounds out an already solid spec sheet and features a racetrack-worthy 500 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque. Be warned: The 2014 Camaro Z28 LS7 is a driver's car. As far as features not located under the hood - well, Chevy tossed most of those.

"We really wanted to try to get rid of some of the mass and make it a real enthusiasts' car to be able to use for spirited driving on the street and open track days," Mark Stielow, performance engineering manager for the Z28, told Christian Science Monitor. "The whole car has been just kind of tauted up. It's kind of a more performance style car."

The 2014 Camaro Z28 LS7 has a manual transmission with no automatic option, "stiffer" seats and a one-speaker radio. No Bose stereo system — at any price. Air conditioning is optional.

Here are the full tech specs and features for the 2014 Camaro Z28, courtesy of Goobull.

2014 Camaro Z28 LS7:

  • 7.0L LS7 V8 engine
  • 500 hp
  • 470 pounds of torque
  • Titanium intake valves and connecting rods, and sodium-filled exhaust valves
  • CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads
  • Forged-steel crankshaft and main bearing caps
  • High-lift camshaft
  • Hydroformed exhaust headers
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio, and a 7,000 rpm redline
  • 10.5-quart, dry-sump oiling system
  • Six speed manual transmission
  • 305/30ZR19 performance oriented wider Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tires
  • Brembo Carbon Ceramic Matrix rotors
  • Fixed monoblock calipers

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