Himmatwala Reviews: Bollywood Remake A Complete Failure

Himmatwala (2013) reviews are beginning to paint a clear and terrible picture. Released on March 29, Himmatwala is a remake of a 1983 action movie also called Himmatwala. The new one is apparently so bad that a Google search couldn't locate a single positive review.

Among the negative reviews, which is to say all of the reviews, a consensus is emerging on a few points. Tamanna Bhatia is no Sridevi. Tamanna is great eye candy and looks great opposite Ajay Devgn, but so do lots of things.    

The Himmatwala 2013 remake is really, really bad, but don't take just our word for it. Below, we've excerpted some of the most memorable Himmatwala reviews:

Review #1

"It must take a special kind of skill to remake a mediocre film like 1983's Himmatwala without even marginally improving on it. Director Sajid Khan's potpourri of excessive melodrama, puerile humor, cartoonish action, and garish songs plods on for two-and-a-half hours with little concern for your bladder or your mental health."

Rajeev Masand

Review #2

"Mostly, though, Himmatwala feels timid and overeager. Except when it's terrible."

The New York Times

Review #3

"More than anything, Himmatwala is a reminder of why the '80s are considered the worst decade in Hindi cinema. The film is an excruciating experience. It begins with a close-up of a disco ball, and it's downhill from there...this remake is so painful that I longed for Sridevi, Jeetendra and his trademark white shoes."

Hindustan Times 

Review #4

"It takes a sport to kiss Mahesh Manjrekar in the ear and mouth." 

Rediff Movies

Review #5

"Hark back to taaki taaki and tap dance to tathaiyya as the (r)awful 80s are re-awakened from their garish grave and served re-heated; as old wine in an old bottle." 

The Economic Times

Hopefully you were able to enjoy these reviews, because you will not enjoy Himmatwala. If anyone does spot a positive review, please share the link in the comments section and we will post an update. 

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