Apple Plans For Original Content, Wants To Become Like Netflix And HBO

Apple is planning to launch original TV shows comparable to what Netflix and HBO are showing and selling such as 'Westworld' and 'Stranger Things' by the end of 2017.

Apple Wants To Become Like Netflix And HBO

Apple Inc. is planning to launch original TV shows comparable to what Netflix and HBO are selling. These shows that inspire Apple includes Westworld, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and True Detective. According to News Ledge, Apple is interested in hopping aboard the original TV show wagon.

One of the technology giants, Apple Inc., has been in talks with the veteran Hollywood producers about buying rights to originally scripted television programs. This move of the company could be transformative for Hollywood and help offset slowing sales for Apple. But the report also makes it clear that Apple isn’t trying to become the next Netflix, HBO or Hulu. Only a handful of TV shows or movies would be bundled with the Apple Music service.

The Wall Street Journal reports the TV series would be bundled-up with Apple Music, the $9.99 per month subscription service that is competing against the well-known Spotify. A standout TV show or even a couple of the likes of Westworld or Stranger Things would go a long way in competing against Spotify.

Apple Plans T Create TV Shows

Last Summer, Eddy Cue said that Apple is "not in the business of trying to create TV shows." And when asked about the future of the company and regarding its past relationships with Hollywood, where it once spoke with network programmers to get a live-streaming TV bundle launched before ultimately shelving the plans.

At the time, Cue said that Apple would "help" producers whenever it had the chance and that any TV project would serve as "complimentary to the things we're doing at Apple Music," as reported by MacRumors. Apple executives have told Hollywood that the new original content will launch by the end of 2017


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