Is Pokémon GO Coming To The Switch? [Theory]

By K.C , Jan 13, 2017 03:00 AM EST

Niantic has been quite hushed with regards to the updates of their critically acclaimed mobile app, Pokémon GO. Following the numerous rumors regarding the Switch releasing on March and the introduction of the aforementioned app on Apple Watch, could Niantic be very well planning to introduce the game on the newest hybrid console of Nintendo?

The Possibility of Pokémon GO coming to the Switch

A while ago, we've revealed the accidental leak of GameSpot detailing the release of Pokémon Stars upon the Switch's debut. Although the speculations about releasing the line of Pokémon franchise on the newest console has been circulating on the web for months, it still being debated whether or not the exclusive mobile app, Pokémon GO would come to the Nintendo's hybrid console.

Fans have been anticipating for the Switch's release alongside its upcoming exclusives particularly the Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. The hybrid console is said to be capable of transforming from a hand-held device into a fully functional home video game console upon docking. Now, is it possible to incorporate Pokémon GO on the Switch's platform? The answer is technically, yes.

We've already seen a tweaked version of the game via its existence on the Apple Watch which sparked the argument that the app is very well viable on other platforms aside from mobile. But the problem is that, since it's highly improbable that the Switch will offer cellular plans; it's interesting to see what Niantic would use to simulate the location-based aspect of the game. One idea is that they can simulate and use the pedometer-style step counting which we see on 3DS - moving around as you hatch eggs.

But as you can remember, Pokémon GO now exists on Apple Watch which stresses the possibility of its existence on other device. But until neither Niantic nor Nintendo speaks up, we can only guess for now.

In other news, Niantic made its first January update where they add and transformed 5,000 Starbucks locations into PokeStops or Gyms. It should be noted that Nintendo will make an announcement tonight which would reveal further information about the Switch and some of its games that will be released upon its debut.

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