Surface Phone 2017 Release Date Delayed; Launch Imminent On Second Half Of The Year?

The Surface Phone 2017 has been widely rumored for years now, but there is still no concrete evidence on when it is releasing. Microsoft still has not officially confirmed that it is working on a smartphone, but it is believed that a launch should not be too far off, which may very well be in the second half of the year.

Surface Phone 2017 To Launch After Redstone 2 Release

The Windows 10 Creators Update, dubbed Redstone 2, will be a month delayed. According to International Business Times, this could be the reason why the Surface Phone 2017 could not come sooner. It is expected that it will sport the latest operating system when launched, so it makes sense that it is waiting for Redstone 2 to be released.

Redstone 2 will reportedly launch in April as opposed to the expected March release. This comes from the sources of MSPowerUser, and thus should not be taken as a fact for now. If true, then the Surface Phone 2017 might follow shortly after, more likely in Q3 or Q4.

Patent Reveals Surface Phone 2017 May Feature Multi-Device Display

Meanwhile, a patent that was released on Friday may give consumers more insight into the features of the Surface Phone 2017. The patent, which was spotted by Winbuzzer, mentioned an "input recognition system" that can pair multiple devices for cross-screen display. Basically, at least two devices will combine to form a larger touch display.

It comes with a set of Multi-screen gestures, such as Hold and Tap, Pinch and Expand, Synchronous Slide, and more, that can eventually be used for gaming. It is expected that the Surface Phone 2017 and other upcoming Surface devices will be capable of having a shared screen environment. However, it is still unknown if the feature will see the light of day as most patents do not make it past concept.

As Microsoft is yet to divulge any detail about the Surface Phone, all rumors and speculations should be taken with a grain of salt. If the tech giant is indeed planning on releasing a Windows 10 smartphone this year, more news can be expected in the months to come.

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