Nintendo Switch Update: Company To Sell Accessories Seperately

Nintendo has some good news for its Nintendo Switch users. The company has recently announced that they would be selling the extra accessories for the console separately. The company has even revealed the cost of every accessory in its recent announcement.

What Accessories Are Coming

According to the reports, a single Joy-Con would be about $50 in any color combination that the user would love. Also, a pair would set back with a cost of just $80. The best part is that now no one needs to keep on plugging and unplugging into different TVs and just buy an extra dock set which would include an AC adapter and an HDMI cable for just $90. Though it is a little expensive, it is still a good option than to buy them separately.

Another accessory to add to the collection is the charging grip that combines with the extra Joy-Cons into one controller and gives the option to keep playing even when the console's battery runs out and all of this would just cost $30. The company has also decided to sell two Joy-Con wheels for $15 a set for any of the racing game coming to the platform. One can receive the Pro controller which is much larger and the robust version of the current one for Wii U would cost about $70.

When Will The Accessories Be Available

All the accessories as shown by the press are packed individually for individual sale but until now they are not available on the company's website. No retailers have also listed any of the items and no reports of its availability have been given yet. However, some reports suggest that it would soon be available and user can grab their parts from the website. The Switch, which will not be region-locked and has online multiplayer and will be available on March 3 for $300.


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