New Toyota Yaris Is Set To Become Ford Fiesta ST’s Rival

By James Yu , Jan 13, 2017 11:48 AM EST

The Geneva Auto Show 2017 is still a couple of months away but Toyota has already announced its plans of introducing a new Yaris that is set to take on the likes of Ford's Fiesta ST. Apparently, the rally-inspired Toyota Yaris will arrive with more than 200 horsepower. And with that being said, it seems that Ford's Fiesta ST has something to look out for.

Toyota Yaris: What's New

According to a report from Digital Trends, the new Yaris has received an exterior update. It was mentioned that the new Yaris has a new front bumper with a strip of red trim and a large air dam that gives it a more muscular look along with a new rear bumper that has a central exhaust outlet and an air diffuser. In addition, the new Yaris also has new headlights and tail lamps as reported.

Toyota Yaris: Set To Take On Its Rivals

According to a report from TopGear, the new Yaris has been confirmed to be able to deliver more than 210 horsepower. With this amount of power under its hood, it was mentioned that the Toyota Yaris is one of the most powerful cars in its respective segment. Accordingly, it is set to go up against rivals such as the Ford Fiesta ST, Mini Cooper S and Peugeot 208 GTI. Unfortunately, there are no details yet regarding the specifics of its engine and drivetrain but it was mentioned that more details should arrive before it makes its debut.

Toyota Yaris: Updated Interior

Reports state that the new Toyota Yaris will also have an updated interior and one of the most likely updates is related to its infotainment system. For now however, those that are interested to know more about it will have to wait until the automaker actually opens its doors at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show that will be taking place in March.

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