Is iPhone 6S The Reason Behind The Tragic Crash Of EgyptAir Flight MS804?

By Luis Fran , Jan 13, 2017 08:22 PM EST

The EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on May 2016, and even when almost a year has passed since the tragic incident, there are still no undisputable explanation and updates about what caused the accident. Consequently, the mystery left by the tragedy increased the doubts and confusions of the victims´ families. However, the latest information suggests that the reason behind the plane crash could have been an overheated iPhone 6S.

The Co-Pilot Stowed His iPhone 6S On The Glare-Shield Above The Instrument Panel

According to several reports, French authorities investigating the accident of the EgyptAir flight MS804, explained that everything could have started because the co-pilot´s iPhone 6S may have bursted into flames after he stowed the device and an iPad on the glare-shield above the instrument panel of the Airbus A320 cockpit. Apparently, the explosion of the iPhone 6S could have occurred because a battery overheating, just as what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which eventually had to be recalled.

Naturally, is cannot be discarded that the explosion could have occurred with the iPad instead of the iPhone 6S, but many believe that it was the mobile device which caught fire, given the fact that this had happened previously with this same smartphone. In fact, there was an incident in which the iPhone 6S user ended up in a hospital's emergency room because of a second-degree burn that he suffered on the left side of his body because of the flames.

The EgyptAir Flight MS804 Could Have Crashed Because Of Another Reason

However, an air expert explained that if the crash wasn't caused at all by the iPhone 6S explosion, the most plausible cause of the crash could have been because of the fire in the avionics bay beneath the cockpit, which may have occurred either by an explosion or a short circuit. Of course, these information hasn't been confirmed by the investigators, and Apple hasn't provided any response to the allegations regarding the iPhone S6. So far, what happened with the EgyptAir flight MS804 remains a mystery.

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