Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Are A Joy To Use

By Edge Ison , Jan 14, 2017 03:01 AM EST

Now that the Nintendo Switch presentation is over and done with, there is one thing that quickly captured the fancy of many - awesome Joy-Cons.

The Nintendo Switch controllers can be easily slid on and off the Switch's main console and onto the main controller or the Joy-Con Grip. Each Joy-Con also functions as an individual controller. This means a user can "share the Joy" and play against another person using one of the Joy-Cons.

Joy-Con Specs and Innovations

Each Joy-Con has an analog stick which can be pressed like a button. The Right Joy-Con contains the A/B/X/Y Buttons along with the home button and the NFC Reader/Writer. It has a motion infrared camera located at the bottom that senses objects in front of it. The IR motion sensor can detect shapes and distance of objects. Polygon noted that this feature will allow Switch users to play roshambo or simply rock-paper-scissors.

The Directional Buttons and Capture Button are found on the left Joy-Con. The Capture button allows players to capture screenshots of their game which can be shared over social media. Nintendo announced that the Capture button will also able to take videos in the future.

Another interesting new innovation courtesy of the Nintendo Switch is the HD Rumble. This feature allows the user to get a "sense of realism" that will take the gaming experience one step further.

Each controller can do different independent motions with the help of gyro sensors and accelerometers embedded in them. The Joy-Cons are connected to the console using two buttons on the rail marked SL and SR.

Joy-Con Strap

The Joy-Con strap snaps onto the Joy-Con and has a wrist strap to prevent the user from dropping it. It has L and R buttons. The black Joy-Con strap will come with the Switch but it is also available separately in gray, neon blue and neon red colors.

Joy-Con Games

The best part about the Joy-Cons is that its many features allow the user to play Wii-like games. While a lot of the rumored game titles were left out of the presentation, Nintendo did introduce "Arms" and "1, 2, Switch" which are specifically played using the sensors on the small controllers.

The Switch comes in two bundles. One bundle carries the gray Joy-Cons while the other includes the more playful neon red and neon blue controllers. Each bundle costs $299 and will include the Nintendo Switch Console and Dock, the two Joy-Cons, two Joy-Con Straps, and the Joy-Con Grip. It also comes with an AC adapter and HDMI cable. The new hybrid console drops in stores on March 3.

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