Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors And Predictions Revealed

Despite the rumors that the esteemed lineup of flagship phablets would be discontinued, it seems that Samsung Electronics is preparing to launch their Galaxy Note 8 later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made a very significant issue last year. However, there is a pretty good chance that the Galaxy smartphone series maker's latest powerhouse device would be launched alongside a brand new flagship unit, most awaited Samsung Galaxy X, which is rumored to be launched Q3 this year.

According to Value Walk, the official release date of the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has not been revealed by Samsung yet, but speculations are high among analysts and fans. Many speculations are claiming that the flagship phablet would be revealed sometime in the second half of 2017 or a possible Q3. In the past, Samsung released the Galaxy Note series sometime around August or September, scheduling the launch weeks before Apple unveils the iPhone lineup.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price

Although we have a long way of waiting from receiving an official statement and confirmation of pricing from Samsung, it seems very likely that the consumer electronics behemoth will be forced to depress or at least freeze the price of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as a goodwill gesture to consumers.

Samsung should not push the price of the Galaxy Note 8 any higher because plenty of Note smartphone fans could be shut out from being able to purchase the phone, according to Trusted Reviews. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Note 8 could cost far more than $913 or £749.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs And Features

Rumors specs and features about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are abounding, and most of them are extremely encouraging. There is little doubt that Samsung would most likely pack the Galaxy Note 8 with its most formidable set of technical specifications to date.

A 4K display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, with around 6GB to 8GB of RAM and a dual-camera configuration have been rumored features of the smartphone. The upcoming flagship is also speculated to be dressed with a revamped S-Pen, a dual-edge display and possibly to have JBL speakers.

According to Inquisitr, one thing that Samsung fans have been very enthusiastic about in the flagship phablet is the speculated return of the removable battery in the Galaxy Note 8. The removable batteries have always been a preferred option for power users, especially now that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery pack issues are still all over the internet.


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