Overwatch Update: Over 10,000 Cheaters In South Korea Added To The Banned List

By Sarene Mae Butao , Jan 14, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Blizzard is detecting any player using hacks and cheats since Overwatch's release in May 2016. This huge popular online multiplayer shooter game was able to seriously ban around 1,500 players in China within the first few weeks since its release. Blizzard was able to stay true to their word, thus it resulted to the number of banned users in South Korea exceeding that of China.

According to a new post that can be seen in the Korean Blizzard Forums, the company posted that it was able to catch and ban over 10,000 South Korean Overwatch players. These players are using aimbots and nuking, which are forms of hacking that allows players to send large amounts of packets into the opposing team's IP. This then results to a similar effect of a DDoS attach, and it causes the victim's game to slow down or disconnect from the server. Once nuking takes place, it will be hard to report the incident due to the slowing down of the game.

Although initially there were difficulties in terms of reporting the nuking incidences, the massive bans that Blizzard has conducted are enough proof that they have been working hard just to make sure that Overwatch players will still have a great gaming experience. With this kind of situation happening, it appears that cheaters are also looking for new and difficult to figure out methods in playing the online shooter, according to reports from Game Rant.

Nuking is not the only hacking technique that Blizzard is looking into. Recently, numerous s players were figured out to be abusing the Mei ice wall glitch just to gain advantage. These are examples of the situations that the studio is admitting that they are also looking into. Blizzard is indeed implementing stricter rules over their banning policy as they are looking into the future of the game.


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