CVS Generic EpiPen Rival: New Drug Sold At A Fraction Of The Price

By Allan Alforte , Jan 14, 2017 01:59 AM EST

CVS generic Epipen rival is now introduced into market. This generic version of the drug EpiPen is sold at merely a fraction of the price of EpiPen. This comes as a congress criticized Mylan, the maker of EpiPen on soaring cost of the life-saving allergy treatment drug to consumers.

CVS, the drugstore chain, says that an authorized generic version of Adrenaclick which is a lesser known drug similar to EpiPen. The new generic version will be sold by CVS at $109.99 as compared to EpiPen which can cost over $600 per treatment dose. CVS Health Corp is the second largest drugstore chain in the country.

The lower priced medication is now available in all CVS stores which numbers around 9,600 retail pharmacies nationwide and includes several locations inside Target stores making the drug widely available to the people. Schools and parents of children with severe allergies stock the drug. This treatment is used to stop anaphylaxis, a severe form of allergic reaction which can be potentially fatal. CVS generic EpiPen rival is set to help consumers with the rising cost of the drug as reported in The Herald.

Mylan NV the maker of EpiPen came under heavy criticism for the pricing of their drug which soared to more than 500 percent since 2007. CEO Heather Bresch was grilled by a congressional panel in September 2016 about the rising price of the drug. She blamed the insurers and middlemen that stand between the drug manufacturer and the consuming public as reported in an article by the U.S. News.

After Mylan was questioned, the drug company came up with their own authorized generic version of EpiPen which was priced around $300 per two-pack. Patients with no insurance or those who have plans that make the customers pay a high deductible before coverage are exposed to the full price if they do not know about the assistance or do not seek it. CVS states that its price on the drug is applicable to insured patients and to those who do not have insurance coverage. The price is what the customers will pay at the pharmacy.

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