Samsung X To Feature Wireless Keyboard, Stylus And Flexible Three Screen Display

By Anj C , Jan 15, 2017 06:16 PM EST

A concept render of Samsung's upcoming foldable Galaxy X has surfaced online making a spectacle of three sleek edge-to-edge screens capable of being folded like a Japanese paper fan. Concept renders are the work of graphic artists based on patent filing, research and also specification leaks. Here are some of the things you might wanna know about the amazing Samsung Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X Rumored Features And Display

The renders also display a wireless keyboard as an accessory accompanying the device, illustrating that when at work the screens can be unfolded to stand as a laptop display. Also, a stylus is shown in the render drawings. It is not known at this point how real or close to the actual product this render is, but Samsung has reportedly already placed a target of 100,000 units for the foldable device. On the other hand, LG is also reported to be making foldable display panels for various manufacturers like Huawei and Apple and may even launch a flexible device itself.

A report published from a source showed a foldable display smartphone that can be transformed into a tablet or a mini computer screen. Once the three individual screens are opened up, it spreads into a large 7in combined rectangle shaped display. The 7in size of the screen has been part of leaks surrounding the Galaxy X. Some of the leaked features of the intriguing Samsung Galaxy X are the biometric technologies for security purposes. These technologies are said to include palm scanning-eye, and facial recognition, and also the fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy X Rumored Availability

Although foldable smartphones might have some technical hurdles too, the idea that Samsung will finally launch this technology within July through September or sometime within the third quarter sounds incredibly amazing. The company always aim to provide technological advancements providing its users guaranteed satisfaction.


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