Campfire, Cabernet, Diaper, Waffles: Google Nose Smells It All (Video)

By Matthew Klickstein , Apr 04, 2013 02:22 PM EDT

You love the smoky smell of a campfire, the sultry scent of Cabernet wine, the melted buttery aroma of waffles and probably (if you're normal) can't stand a stinky diaper. Thankfully, Google Nose has been released — according to a new promotional video — and it will bring the smells of campfire, cabernet wine, diaper and waffles to you.

Certainly, the idea of Google Nose — the new service Google is alleging will smell your campfire, cabernet, diaper, waffles and more — may be merely an April Fools' joke. But what if it wasn't?

"Google Search is incredibly powerful," the comical Google Nose promotional video begins, noting that users can "search for text across the Internet, most of human knowledge, images, books, videos ..." The video goes on to say that an important part of a user's search process — the seeking out of such phrases as "campfire," "Cabernet," "diaper" or "waffles" — might be being overlooked by Google.

In a world where Google Nose was not merely a hoax, the quest for "campfire," "Cabernet," "diaper" and "waffles" would be assisted via the system, which would integrate "Photo Auditory Olfactory Sensory Convergence" into the Google Search experience. Though PAOSC is "a phenomenon that has been promised in science-fiction for decades," it is only now that Google has been bold enough to allege releasing Google Nose Beta, the company's "flagship olfactory knowledge feature enabling users to search for smells."

Whether these "smell searches" such as a campfire, Cabernet wine, a diaper, waffles, or even such unique ones as a wet dog or unattended litter box, via Google Nose is a reality or just a hoax matters less than the fact that this "mobile aroma indexing program" has culled together "15 million centibyte database of smells," according to the promotional video.

These smells come from "around the world," the video says. Just imagine what Cabernet wine, or a campfire, or waffles, a diaper, a wet dog or an unattended litter box would smell like in all the various countries that make the world a veritable potpourri of olfactory sensations.

The video shows that in the imaginary Google Nose-infused universe, a user can merely place his or her mobile device over whatever is being "searched" (here's where the waffles, Cabernet wine, diaper or campfire come into play) and Google Nose will tell him or her exactly what he or she is smelling.

Google Nose Beta, were it real, would of course work on more than just mobile devices, though, as you can perform your Cabernet wine or campfire smell search on "nearly all desktops and laptops," as well.

As Google puts it, we may be living in a world that is becoming a bit too fast-paced to stop and smell the roses. Presumably, Google Nose is there to smell them for us.


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